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Patient Advocacy 101.

What is advocacy?

1. What is patient advocacy?

Patient advocacy is getting the word out. Many infusion patients look healthy, so people sometimes don't understand their struggles. Access to life- and ability-preserving treatments depends on others understanding what it means to have good treatment. You get to pick what you feel comfortable doing. It could be simple, like sharing a post on social media, or something more in-depth like meeting with a legislator. Whatever you are willing to do, we will support you.
Why should I be an advocate?

2. How does IAF advocate for patients?

We know you are busy with life. That's why we are here listening to what you need. We are working on your behalf so that you can keep living your life. We contact your legislators to share your stories and work with other groups to make sure people making decisions hear from infusion patients. We work hard to make sure you can get your treatment when you need it.
How do I get started?

3. Why should we advocate together?

Your stories matter. A lot of people have no idea what you go through, and when they hear about it, they want to help. So we are gathering all the stories we can and putting them in front of people when and where they ring out loud and clear: in outreach campaigns, letters to lawmakers, formal documents and papers, and official in-person testimony. Legislators will listen, and our job is making sure they hear you. We can help you become a better advocate, and your stories help us make an impact.

Your support means the world to us.