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Driven by purpose.

Infusion Access Foundation works every day to make sure people can get treatment when they need it, so they don’t get sicker, and above all, so they can continue living their best lives.
together for treatment
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Fighting for progress.

Living with the physical, emotional, and economic strain of disease is overwhelming. It’s easy to feel hopeless—until you get the right medication and it gets you back to feeling and living the way you want to.
Everyone deserves access to the right treatment that protects their health. Securing that access isn’t always going to be easy. We’re going to have to fight for it, but knowing you’re with us means everything.

The journey to achieve balance.

With work, family, friends, money, health, and self-care, leading a “normal” modern life is already a balancing act. On top of all that, your disease throws you so much more to deal with—nutrition, medication, treatments, comorbidities, insurance coverage, unplanned time off, out-of-pocket costs, and the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. All of this stacks up and topples over, especially during a flare.

Our Infusion Champions are our heroes: patients like you. They’re working hard to grasp, shift, organize, hold, and ultimately carry all the shapes along the disease management journey. Finding and maintaining balance is how you can break through and live better. We’ve designed the Infusion Access Foundation community around this hopeful journey to balance.
Newly Diagnosed

1 – New to This: Newly Diagnosed

A chronic disease diagnosis is life-changing. Trying to balance new specialists, medications, and treatments can feel like you are wobbling on a pile of unfamiliar shapes. Infusion Access Foundation is a community of people who are balancing similar shapes and can help you figure out how to do the same.
Sub-optimal management

2 – Teeter-Totter: Sub-Optimal Management

When your shapes are unbalanced, disease flares are ready to strike. Infusion Access Foundation provides resources to help you recognize and navigate imbalances. You can also join in on advocacy efforts that help protect your access to treatment when you need it.

3 – Leveling Out: Restorative Management

Recovering from a flare is exhausting. It takes time to heal from physical and emotional pain, regain balance, and restore your sense of wellness. Infusion Access Foundation is here for you with community support and educational resources to get you back in balance. Lean on us to help you through!
Effective Management

4 – Balance Beaming: Effective Management

With the right treatment and support system, you can find balance again. Although there might be setbacks, we’re here to break-down barriers and celebrate your wins. Share your voice with the Infusion Access Foundation community as we stand together for everyone’s access to treatment.
A non-profit with meaning.

What to expect from us.

We are a dedicated safe space for people living through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of complex chronic disease.


We have a library of community resources to empower patient voices and share their stories with the world.


We embrace the humanity of all patient experiences, from the joy of regaining hand function to the grief of missing life events due to disease.


We stand up against the great adversity and challenges patients face in accessing provider-administered therapies, so they don’t have to.


You can count on us for active advocacy, community support and educational materials 24/7/365.

Here for you, ready for anything.

Alicia Barron, LGSW

Executive Director

Kindyl Boyer, MPP

Director, Advocacy

Grady Stewart

Digital Content Specialist

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Charlie Schadewald


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Kaitey Morgan, RN, BSN, CRNI

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Your support means the world to us.